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You never want to pay higher taxes than a neighbor, but contesting that price requires more than your opinion. With tax appeal appraisals from a credible source, you may be able to save yourself or your business thousands of dollars.

Make your best case with a thorough appeal and careful documentation.

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With tax appeal appraisals, local knowledge of your neighborhood is critical. At Pyramid Real Estate Advisors, we have locations throughout the Northeast to guarantee we know your market and can provide the best appraisal.

The principals at Pyramid value accuracy, so you can be confident you’re not overpaying on taxes year after year.

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Tax Appeal Appraisals: FAQs

When can I file a tax appeal?

Before requesting tax appeal appraisals, you should speak with your municipality government to understand your specific timeline. Each town and county has different dates, so your municipal office can answer those questions.

Will my tax appeal appraisal lower my property taxes?

Your appraisal determines the assessed value of your home: the actual property taxes are a percentage determined by your municipal budget. During a town-wide assessment, many errors may over-value your home. When you appeal your assessment with an accurate, credible appraisal, you can be confident your property tax percentage is based on the actual value of your home.

How do I choose an assessor for tax appeal appraisals?

While you are trying to save money with your appeal, choosing a credible appraiser is essential for the process. At Pyramid Real Estate Advisors, we have secondary education and industry connections to ensure we follow the exact process for your residential or commercial property. Your goal is an accurate appraisal that will stand up to the town’s assessment, and we can ensure that result.

Tax Appeals FAQ