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You need to make the best investment, whether you’re developing a property or renting a building. With the team at Pyramid Real Estate Advisors, you can be confident in our consultations based on our local knowledge and extensive education in real estate appraisal.

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Market & Marketability Analysis

Before you move forward with developing a property, you need to ensure the market needs what you’re building. With a Market Analysis followed by a Marketability analysis, you’ll have a clear understanding of the area’s needs, so your development will gain tenants quickly.

Feasibility Analysis

Once you know that your market needs your property type, it’s time to study the feasibility of the project. You might discover that costs are too high to develop the way you anticipated. You could be pleasantly surprised and learn your opportunity has a high level of viability. Pyramid understands the market to guide your decision-making.

Lease Abstracts & Analysis

Our extensive experience in the analysis of commercial properties allows us to
provide accurate lease abstraction services. Whether we’re using your template or
ours, you can be assured that all key elements of a lease will be summarized
correctly. Lease abstracts are prepared for both pre-acquisition due diligence and
loan underwriting.

Market Rent Analysis

Before you list your rental — whether retail, office, industrial or residential — you’ll need the market rent analysis to confirm your pricing will get the spot filled quickly. No one wants empty properties on their hands, and an accurate, transparent market rent analysis will get you the results you’re looking for.

Transaction Counseling

Before you buy or sell a property, consult with the experts on the quality of the portfolio. We’ll provide multiple scenarios, so you can be confident you’re making a sound investment. If you’re trying to sell a portfolio of properties, set your expectations before negotiations with expertise you can trust.

Investment Analysis

Real estate investment analysis is more of an art than a science. We’ll study the data, combined with our industry and local knowledge to make a specific recommendation for your needs. No two properties are the same, and no two investors have the same goals. Work with a firm that understands both sides.

Industry Knowledge for All Properties

As real estate appraisers, we have the tools and industry knowledge to guide your commercial property decisions. From a market rent analysis that helps you decide how much to charge for rent, or a feasibility report to determine the costs of your project, Pyramid Real Estate Advisors offers top counsel based on our knowledge of the NJ, NY, and PA markets.

Your project will be managed by one of our principals with a master’s in real estate, bringing additional industry knowledge to the table.

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