Intro - Litigation Support
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  • Expert Witnesses
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You don’t have to worry about your real estate valuation in litigation. When you need support for a tax appeal, property damage claim or condemnation, you must be confident that you have an accurate representation of your property value in court. With our professional, impartial insight, you can count on a fair outcome in your case.

Credibility to Support Your Case

Step 1:

Learn Your Story

First, we’ll listen to your needs and the purpose of the litigation. We’re looking for specific information to prepare your case, and we won’t overlook any details.

Step 2:

Investigate the Data

Then we get to work preparing the case. You can be confident in our skills backed by industry memberships and master’s degrees in real estate, making us the experts your case needs.

Step 3:

Present in Court

Now it’s time to detail your real estate valuation in litigation. Our principals’ clear communication and approachable personalities help build your case based on decades of experience.

Connect With A Dedicated Real Estate Appraisal Expert Now

Whether you need a retail store valuation, a hotel valuation, or an office building appraisal,
we are here to help. From one-time assignments to complex portfolios, we work
strategically to get you precise, reliable and timely appraisals you can trust.

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Real Estate Litigation Support: Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need real estate litigation support?

Real estate litigation is a legal process used to resolve residential or commercial property disputes. Common scenarios that may require real estate litigation support include (but are not limited to):

  • Breach of a Lease or Sales Contract
  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
  • Bankruptcy
  • Breach of Construction Contracts or Terms
  • Zoning Disputes
  • Encroachments
  • Easements
  • Title Disputes/Defects of Title
  • Land Use Disputes
  • Failures to Disclose
  • Mortgage Disputes or Default (Including Foreclosure)
  • Condominium Issues (e.g., A Conflict Between Condo Board and Owners)
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What type of litigation support does Pyramid offer?

We provide a wide range of litigation support to counsel and individual clients. From the moment we get in touch to well after you’ve left the courtroom, our team of experts is here to help you make the best decisions. Here are some ways we can help you:

  • Appraisal Valuation & Damage Calculations
  • Eminent Domain, Condemnation & Open Space
  • Preservation for Fee, Partial, & Easement Takings
  • Property Tax Appeals & Abatements
  • Project Entitlements, Variances, Redevelopment
  • Designations & PILOT Negotiations
  • Expert Testimony, Rebuttal Analysis, Deposition & Cross-Examination Strategy for Trial, Mediation & Arbitration Proceedings
  • Contamination, Environmental Impairment & Stigma
  • Equitable Distribution for Partnership & Matrimonial Dissolution
  • Estates Matters, Gifting, Charitable Donations, Life & Remainder Estates & Other Tax Related Matters
  • Partial Interest Valuations & Discounts for Lack of Control & Marketability
  • Pipeline & Transportation Corridor Valuations
  • Foreclosure & Asset Recovery
  • Forensic & Fraud Investigations, Event Studies & Time Series Analyses
  • Fiduciary Representation
  • Market Study, Feasibility Analysis & Academic Research

What types of cases does Pyramid provide litigation support for?

At Pyramid, we provide support for a wide range of commercial and residential real estate valuation in litigations, including:

  • Office Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Regional Malls
  • Lifestyle Centers
  • Community and Neighborhood Shopping Centers
  • Mixed Use Projects
  • Hotels
  • Vacant Land
  • Data Centers
  • Apartment Properties
  • Residential Subdivisions
  • Residential Condominium Developments